Communications Methods

Communicate when necessary.

We all know how important it is to keep everyone up to date in a league environment. Changes can and do happen all the time.

Without being able to communicate those changes easily and rapidly, people can get left without the information they need.

OurLeagues gives owners the ability to contact their players, coaches and staff with updates as they occur.

Game Updates

Notify everyone when things change.

When game times, venue, or anything else changes, owners can press the quick email button on the game widgets to pop up a box where players, staff, or both can be sent an email updating them to the change.

Once the pop up appears, the intended audience can be selected and sent a quick message to give an explanation or the changed time or venue that is being updated.

Game notice updateNotice dialog

Notice Updates

Quickly update league or team notices.

When you change an existing notice that has been published, you may need to update everyone that something has changed.

Owners can press the quick edit button on published notices or just edit the notice through the dashboard. The notice update window will pop up where the notice details can be changed and an option to email the changes out to players, staff, or both can be selected.

Notice email