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An attractive mobile-friendly website is automatically created for each league you create.


📧 Keep everyone informed

Cancelled or postponed game? Upcoming due dates? Location changes? Keep your members updated when things change.


👨👩 Who is playing?

Keep players and staff centrally organized for every league and team with links to player and staff profiles.


🏟 Where are we playing?

Manage the league venues, display venue information and show a breakdown of all games played in each venue.

Take Your League to the Next Level

Your Level of Privacy is Up To You

You decide if you want your league to be open to the public to view or only to specific people.

Private leagues will block access to users unless they are on the approved user access list.

Share your fun and impress your followers or limit access to just your group. Its up to you.

Growing List of Sports Leagues

Select from a variety of ready-to-go sport types:

NEW league types are being added all the time so check back if your league type is not currently available.


The general league type can be used for any team sport type you just don't get the statistics option. If you don't need or want to track statistics, this should work fine for you.

From Intramurals to Friends Hanging Out

Ideal for intramural leagues, company leagues, bar and pub leagues, community leagues and just leagues with your friends.

OurLeagues gives you the stage for all the world to see or the privacy if you choose to only be visible to people you approve.

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